Grown under the bright shining Australian sun, Blue Lake Milling Rye is a natural superfood filled with true Aussie goodness.

Rye is nutritionally similar to wheat however, contains less gluten. Rye is a slender cereal grain, which also contains a delicious nutty flavour and a great crunch.

Machine Dressed Rye

Machine Dressed Rye is traditionally rye grains which are cleaned to remove fine contaminants that are not removed during harvest.

Bumped Rye

Bumped Rye is traditionally cleaned rye grains, that
have been steamed and lightly bumped into flat flakes under heavy
rollers to expose a small amount of flour.

Rolled Rye

Rolled Rye is traditionally dehulled rye, which is then steamed and rolled into flat flakes under heavy rollers.

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