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Most of us tuck into our bowl of rolled oats without giving a moment’s thought to how such a tasty meal is created. To show you the effort & care Blue Lake Milling take with our rolled oats, here is a treat for your eyes!

Growing your Rolled Oats

The rich, fertile & expansive soils of South Eastern Australia, Western Victoria and Western Australia are a prime growing environment for our varieties of milling oats.

Managing a Healthy Crop

The rich, fertile & expansive soils of South Eastern Australia and Western Victoria are a prime growing environment for our varieties of milling oats.

What we look for in Healthy Oats

Only superior oat varieties are selected for their taste & nutritional qualities. These grains flourish in the growing conditions & also offer a greater range of milling options.

Good soil, clean environment

The clean air of the regions of south east SA and western Vic are ideal conditions for producing plump oats. It also makes for a healthy environment for the loyal growers dedicated to the region’s high quality cropping.

Transporting and storing oats from farm to mill

Blue Lake Milling employs a fleet of local & interstate transport operators to deliver oats into our production site for the first step of the milling process. Each vehicle is weighed in & incoming grain quality checks are conducted to ensure that the oats meet strict quality guidelines. After delivery the oats are stored, still in their husk, within large silos that protect them from moisture, dust and pests.

Testing, dehulling, cleaning and milling

All of our products are thoroughly tested in our internal laboratory to ensure they meet the quality parameters. The raw oat is dehulled, cleaned, steamed, rolled & packaged during the manufacturing process. Blue Lake Milling employees are trained to closely monitor every step of the process so that our customers can be assured of the highest quality.

Storage and distribution
of our oats

The final product is stored in our warehouse for distribution to our customers both in Australia and abroad. Products are carefully prepared and loaded for transport to destinations far and wide.

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