We are 100% Australian. Established in 1973, Blue Lake Milling is a leading manufacturer of premium Australian Oat and Grain products.

Our Company

Dedicated and motivated personnel, traditional and innovative milling techniques teamed with a comprehensive, highly regarded quality management system is the basis for the present and future success of Blue Lake Milling.

Your brand is our brand

Whilst Blue Lake Milling specialises in oat milling producing flagship lines in Rolled, Quick and Instant Oats we also innovate, manufacture, package and distribute an extensive range of niche cereal flakes, bran, flours and premixes.

Blue Lake Milling is unique in its willingness to deliver a flexible, customer orientated approach to meet the individual needs of its business partners. We join with retailers across the globe to supply top quality private labels and unite with leading brand manufacturers to provide superior, competitively priced food ingredients.

The BLM team

Blue Lake Milling endeavors to team up with small and large companies alike to provide healthy, superior and affordable food products to meet the demands of the market place.

Blue Lake Milling is conscious of its social and environmental responsibilities and is committed to supplying healthy, nutritious foods. Our range of conventional products are replicated in a dedicated Organic processing plant and these specialised products form an increasing proportion of our business.

Blue Lake Milling is recognised as an industry leader that strives to produce only the highest quality cereal products and ingredients. We understand the key to our continued success is maintaining a clear vision for the future.

At Blue Lake Milling we are proud of our heritage and past experiences as these are the things that define who we are and where we are going… Let us tell you just a small part of the Blue Lake Milling story from the beginning.

Our Heritage

The Old Oat Mill was established in the iconic township of Mount Gambier as a flour mill in 1867 and began processing rolled oats in 1875.

It was once claimed to be the first oat mill in the state. The Blue Lake Oatmeal Milling Co was owned by O.G. Roberts before being sold to Geoff and Denise Cook in 1978.

Geoff recognised the need for the company to relocate into the heart of the South Eastern Australia grain growing region, to the beautiful township of Bordertown.

In 1981 a partnership between the Cook and Collins families was formed.

In 2006 a need for expansion was identified and a secondary manufacturing site was commissioned at Dimboola in South West Victoria. In addition to gaining much needed capacity this strategic decision also provided our customers with assurance of supply continuity in their ever growing need for comprehensive risk management processes.  In Bordertown a new warehouse was built and automated packaging lines installed. 2006 certainly was an exciting year in the Blue Lake Milling story.

In 2009 a series of improvements were rolled out over both manufacturing sites. 12,000 tonne of silo storage was added to our onsite grain handling system, weighbridges were installed and software systems upgraded and implemented.

After more than 30 years at Blue Lake Milling, Geoff Cook retired from his position on the board of directors, executing a succession plan to the next generation of the Cook family.  All actively continued to work within the business, expanding growth within the Domestic and Export Market and successful implementation of a number of large capital projects.

In 2011 Blue Lake Milling continued on the path from strength to strength installing a high tech packaging line at the Dimboola site providing improved packaging options for our export and local customers.

In 2012 the long awaited State of the Art Oat De-hulling Room was commissioned. Blue Lake Milling prides itself on the efficiencies we are able to deliver as a result of the installation and recognises that this has provided us with a platform to continue on the path of excellence.

Our Bordertown site also benefited from a facelift with a newly built reception area improving visitor experience as well as newly refurbished staff facilities at our Dimboola site.

In 2015 the next chapter for Blue Lake Milling began with Co-operative Bulk Handling Limited (CBH) acquiring the company.  This ownership has presented exciting opportunities for Blue Lake Millings expansion within the domestic and international market.

In April 2017 Blue Lake Milling commenced building a new 60,000 tonne oat processing facility in Forrestfield, Western Australia on the CBH Metro Grain Centre site.  This third manufacturing operational site started production in March 2018. The facility is a testament to Blue Lake Milling’s commitment to meet increasing demand for our extensive range of premium quality products.  The new facility will enable BLM to service a growing export demand for oat products.

In October 2019 Blue Lake Milling enthusiastically started construction work by Biogas Renewables to build an Anaerobic Digestion Plant.  Anaerobic Digestion is the process of generating methane gas (commonly known as Biogas) from Oat Husks and using this as fuel in a combined heat and power generator unit.  The power from this plant is being used within our Bordertown facility, with the excess being supplied back into the grid.

In April 2024 CBH appointed Taso Kourou as the new CEO.  He brings a strong background in operations, supply chain management and leadership to the food, manufacturing, and logistics industries.  An exciting future for Blue Lake Milling with this leadership.

Let us assure you, our story won’t end here, at Blue Lake Milling we are always striving for improvement. Blue Lake Milling will never be satisfied with ‘good enough’, greatness and providing the WOW factor for every customer every day is what we aim to achieve…

Blue Lake Milling prides itself on the commitment to constantly review its practices in the belief that it is always possible to find improvement.


Blue Lake Milling actively maintains and improves its quality management systems. Blue Lake Milling is committed to the ongoing enhancement of its processes and a continual improvement program is in place to react positively to new quality parameters and customer requirements.

HACCP and BRC are embraced throughout our operation and the principles are utilised by our employees in their day to day work procedures. In addition Blue Lake Milling holds certification to the WQA standard and is also a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant (click here to see our 2016 APC Report).

Blue Lake Milling organic processes are verified by The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia (NASAA). Australian Halal Food Services confirm our adherence to HALAL principles and Kosher Certification is held with Kosher Australia Pty Ltd.

Blue Lake Milling is also committed to maintaining compliance with Sedex Ethical Trading Standards and as such have adopted and subsequently been certified under the Sedex SMETA methodology.

Blue Lake Milling is committed to producing sustainable cereal products with minimal impact to the environment and our surroundings.  Blue Lake Milling operations are licensed by the relevant Environmental Agency in the respective state.

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