Blue Lake Milling

Our Heritage

At Blue Lake Milling we are proud of our heritage and past experiences as these are the things that define who we are and where we are going… Let us tell you just a small part of the Blue Lake Milling story from the beginning.

The Old Oat Mill was established in the iconic township of Mount Gambier as a flour mill in 1867 and began processing rolled oats in 1875. It was once claimed to be the first oat mill in the state. The Blue Lake Oatmeal Milling Co was owned by O.G. Roberts before being sold to Geoff and Denise Cook in 1978.

Geoff recognised the need for the company to relocate into the heart of the South Eastern Australia grain growing region, to the beautiful township of Bordertown. 

 In 1981 a partnership between the Cook and Collins families was established which has continued to this day. Both families remain as passionate about the manufacture of only the finest Australian grain and cereal products as they were then and this passion, dedication and determination has become the basis of who we are as a company today.

In 2006 a need for expansion was identified and a secondary manufacturing site was commissioned at Dimboola in South West Victoria. In addition to gaining much needed capacity this strategic decision also provided our customers with assurance of supply continuity in their ever growing need for comprehensive risk management processes.  In Bordertown a new warehouse was built and automated packaging lines installed. 2006 certainly was an exciting year in the Blue Lake Milling story.

In 2009 a series of improvements were rolled out over both manufacturing sites. 12,000 tonne of silo storage was added to our onsite grain handling system, weighbridges were installed and software systems upgraded and implemented.

In 2011 Blue Lake Milling continued on the path from strength to strength installing a high tech packaging line at the Dimboola site providing improved packaging options for our export and local customers.

In 2012 the long awaited State of the Art Oat De-hulling Room was commissioned. Blue Lake Milling prides itself on the efficiencies we are able to deliver as a result of the installation and recognises that this has provided us with a platform to continue on the path of excellence.  Our Bordertown site also benefited from a facelift with a newly built reception area improving visitor experience as well as newly refurbished staff facilities at our Dimboola site.

In 2015, the next chapter for Blue Lake Milling began with Co-operative Bulk Handling Limited (CBH) acquiring the company. The Management Shareholders have remained in the business, and are excited about this next phase under CBH ownership.

"We believe this is an exciting opportunity for the company, its employees, suppliers and the local community. Blue Lake Milling will now benefit from the expertise of Australia's largest locally owned grain business combined with increased financial strength to pursue the considerable opportunities in the market" said Ben Abbot, Blue Lake Milling CEO.

Let us assure you, our story won’t end here, at Blue Lake Milling we are always striving for improvement. Blue Lake Milling will never be satisfied with ‘good enough’, greatness and providing the WOW factor for every customer every day is what we aim to achieve…