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Welcome to the team


Blue Lake Milling would like to welcome Scott Goodluck to the team in his role as Regional Sales Manager.  Scott joined BLM in late October this year and has extensive experience in the Sales Industry.  He has been fortunate enough to work his entire life in the Food Industry in a number of varied Sales positions with well-known Australian household names, such as Corona Manufacturing, Heinz, Simplot and Nestle.

Scott and his family are based in Victoria where he completed his post graduate studies in 2008.  Scott is extremely passionate about working as a team with strong communication and looks forward to building relationships with customers and staff.

New CEO for Blue Lake Milling


The CBH Group is pleased to announce the appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer for its oat milling and processing subsidiary Blue Lake Milling (BLM)

Following an extensive search and selection process, Kevin Boyle will commence in the role on 20 August 2018, succeeding Ben Abbot who stepped down in June this year. 

Mr Boyle brings more than 20 years’ experience in manufacturing from the fast-moving consumer goods, defence and automotive sectors. He has successfully improved safety outcomes, increased operational efficiency, built strong customer relationships, developed successful long-term business strategies and driven strong commercial outcomes.  

BLM is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CBH and a manufacturer of premium Australian oat products with operations in South Australia and Victoria. Its head office is in Bordertown, South Australia. 

Mr Boyle’s appointment comes as BLM commences operations of its new 60,000 tonne oat processing facility at CBH’s Metro Grain Centre in Forrestfield, Western Australia, following a successful commissioning process.

The new facility will enable BLM to service a growing export demand for oat products. 

CBH Chief Executive Officer Jimmy Wilson thanked Mr Abbot for his work in the transition of BLM to a CBH company following its acquisition in 2015, and congratulated Mr Boyle on his appointment. 

“BLM is an important investment for CBH and as such we want to make sure we have the best available person to lead the business and continue to grow opportunities within domestic and international oat product markets,” Mr Wilson said. 

“Kevin’s experience in implementing lean operating processes and continuous improvement practises, as well as developing high performing teams, will position him well to lead the BLM team.”

Kevin Boyle profile:

Kevin Boyle has held senior leadership roles in manufacturing across a variety of organisations and industries including fast-moving consumer goods, defence and automotive. His most recent roles were Chief Operating Officer of Quickstep Holdings, a global provider of advanced composite solutions, and Director, Manufacturing Advisory, at specialist advisory and restructuring firm McGrathNicol. 



Blue Lake Milling have joined the Australian Red Cross Red25 Program.  Red25 members work towards ensuring that 25% of Australia's blood donations are secured.

The program is designed to unite workplaces, work towards team goals and challenges.

The small gesture can combine with those of others to make a meaningful difference to those receiving and giving.

BLM look forward to working as a group to help save lives!



Blue Lake Milling are excited to advise the building of our new processing plant in Forrestfield WA has been progressing well.  We are on track to finish the install by the end of March and hope to start commissioning in early April.

The new plant aims to double our current national processing capacity and we look forward to the opportunities this expansion will create for Blue Lake Milling.

Initially 4-5 employees will be operating the plant as we look to build on our existing customer relationships and expand into new emerging markets.

BLM processing facility to be built in Western Australia


Article from World Grain - 28 June 2016

CBH will continue its expansion into oat processing by building a new facility at its Metro Grain Centre in Perth.

The CBH Group announced on June 28 plans to build a modern oat processing facility at the Metro Grain Centre in Forrestfield, Western Australia (WA).

Wally Newman, CBH Group Chairman, said that the project builds on CBH's June 2015 acquisition of Blue Lake Milling (BLM), one of Australia's largest suppliers of processed oats, delivering real benefits to the cooperative and its members.

"This investment grows our oat processing business to improve returns to the cooperative, increase rebates to growers and strengthen demand for WA oats," he said. "Through the investment in BLM we have acquired the skills and capability to further grow Australian oat processing and fulfil the growing export demand."

"It's an opportune time for the cooperative as we leverage BLM's expertise in this area with the location of the CBH Metro Grain Centre already providing all the necessary grain handling infrastructure and container loading facilities required for a project of this scale," Newman said,

Ben Abbot, Blue Lake Milling chief executive officer, said this facility will be the third plant operated by BLM, adding to its South Australian and Victorian processing plants. The company currently has 60,000 tonnes of annual capacity, and specializes in oat milling, producing rolled, quick and instant oats. It also manufactures, packages and distributes a range of niche cereal flakes, bran, flours and premixes.

"Once complete the new processing facility will make BLM the largest independent oat processor in the Australasian region," he said. "The new Western Australian plant will enable the BLM business to increase its ability to service the growing Asian demand for oat products; using locally grown oats."

Newman said the cooperative is well placed to further capitalize on opportunities that exist in Asia.

"Food safety is important to our Asian customers in the oat market and the Australian made brand is highly valued for this type of product," Newman said.

Construction on the BLM oat processing facility will begin later this year and is scheduled for completion in December 2017.

Porridge - the secret to a longer life?


Article from The Sydney Morning Herald - June 14th 2016

A large bowl of porridge each day could protect against death from cancer, the biggest ever analysis of the benefits of whole grains has shown.

Oats have long been considered a superfood, staving off illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease.

But now a review by Harvard University has found that whole grains also appear to prevent early death and lower the chance of dying from cancer.

A meta-analysis of 12 studies involving nearly 800,000 people found that eating 70 grams of whole grains a day - the equivalent of a large bowl of porridge - lowers the risk of all-cause death by 22 per cent and death from cancer by 20 per cent. It also reduces the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease by 20 per cent.

Scientists believe that whole grains help lower cholesterol and help regulate blood sugar, as well as making people feel full for longer, meaning they do not snack on unhealthy foods. The same effect could be gained from eating bran, quinoa or a mix of grains.

"Based on the solid evidence from this meta-analysis and numerous previous studies that collectively document beneficial effects of whole grains, I think health care providers should unanimously recommend whole grain consumption to the general population as well as to patients with certain diseases to help achieve better health and perhaps reduce death," said Dr Qi Sun, assistant professor at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston, Massachusetts.

Whole grains, where the bran and germ remain, contain 25 per cent more protein than refined grains, such as those used to make white flour, pasta and white rice.

Previous studies have shown that whole grains can boost bone mineral density, lower blood pressure, promote healthy gut bacteria and reduce the risk of diabetes.

One particular fibre found only in oats - called beta-glucan - has been found to lower cholesterol which can help to protect against heart disease.

A bioactive compound called avenanthramide is also thought to stop fat forming in the arteries, preventing heart attacks and strokes.

Whole grains are recommended in many dietary guidelines because they contain high levels of nutrients such as zinc, copper, manganese, iron and thiamine. They are also believed to boost levels of antioxidants, which combat free-radicals linked to cancer.

The new research suggests that if more people switched to whole grains, thousands of lives could be saved each year. Cancer Australia estimates that in 2016, there will be 46,880 deaths from cancer in Australia. 

More than two thirds of adults are not meeting the Australian Dietary Guidelines recommendation of consuming mostly whole grains, and 55% are not meeting the whole grain daily target intake of 48 grams, according to the 2014 Australian Grains & Legumes Consumption & Attitudinal Study.

Oat Plantings Have Jumped


Article from The Weekly Times - May 24th 2016

Oats may not be at the record price highs it hit last season, but with the poor outlook for wheat and barley many growers are opting for the old-fashioned cereal.

Click here to read the full article from The Weekly Times.

Oats v Quinoa


The popularity of Quinoa has increased significantly recently, with many recipes and articles now available surrounding this superfood.

One dietician, Lisa Middleton, has taken the time to compare the nutritional benefits of Quinoa against Oats.

Based on 100grams, the results are quite interesting.

Kilojoules 1590kJ 1590kJ
Protein 12.9g 12.8g
Fat 5.7g 9.3g
Carbohydrate 67.2g 54.8g
Fibre 2.7g 12.1g

In terms of fat, Oats have a higher amount of fat than Quinoa but the amount is still considered low per serve and we do need some good fat in our diets.The amount of protein and kilojoules in Quinoa and Oats is very similar.

Oats have more than four times the amount of fibre compared to Quinoa, and a lower amount of carbohydrate.

Oats and Quinoa also have similar iron, calcium and magnesium content, and are both great for sustained energy levels.

In addition, Oats are naturally rich in beta-gluten, which has been shown to decrease cholesterol levels.  

Although Oats are not commonly referred to as a ‘superfood’, this comparison shows that are just as nutritious.

And one of the best part about Oats, they’re an affordable option for all of the family to enjoy!

To read Lisa Middleton’s full comparison, click here.

CBH Group Acquires BLM


Co-operative Bulk Handling Limited (CBH) has acquired Blue Lake Milling Pty Ltd (Blue Lake), Australia’s largest independent oat milling operation.

Blue Lake Milling shareholders believe that the sale to CBH will allow the company to achieve its full potential.   Management shareholders will continue in the business and are excited about the next phase of the businesses evolution under CBH ownership.

“We believe this is an exciting opportunity for the company, its employees, suppliers and the local community.  Blue Lake Milling will now benefit from the expertise of Australia’s largest locally owned grain business combined with increased financial strength to pursue the considerable opportunities in the market” Ben Abbot, CEO.
Blue Lake Milling was founded by Geoff and Denise Cook in Mt Gambier in 1978 and Peter Collins joined the company soon after.  Blue Lake Milling has remained under the ownership of the Cook and Collins families with the 2nd generation assuming management responsibility for the business in 2006.

“While the shareholders may have changed, our passion for the business has not.  We are very proud of what we have achieved over the last 30 years or more, and with the support of CBH we have every confidence we can take the business to the next level to the benefit of all stakeholders”, Ashley Cook.

Blue Lake Milling operates two mills located in Bordertown, South Australia and Dimboola, Victoria.  Blue Lake Milling specialises in the production of milled oats, and other specialty grains, supplying Australia’s private label brands, food manufacturers and growing export markets predominantly in Asia.
Blue Lake Milling was advised by Ryan Ramsey and Sam McClure of KPMG Corporate Finance.

The Porridge People


Here at Blue Lake Milling, we're known as The Porridge People.

Working through all stages of the oats journey, from the grains in the paddock to the porridge in your bowl, we take extreme care to produce high quality oat products for you to enjoy.

BLM is an Australian family owned company, with a world class reputation as a clean, green and clever industry member.

As The Porridge People, we endeavour to team up with small and large companies alike to provide healthy, superior and affordable Australian made food products.

Australian oats have a reputation as the best in the world with their bright colour, plump grain size and excellent taste and BLM is striving to promote the future benefits of the global oat industry.

If you would like to know more about BLM - The Porridge People or our products, please contact our customer support team by email or phone (08) 8752 0111.

Why Grow Milling Oats?


Based in the heart of South Eastern Australia’s grain growing region, Blue Lake Milling has developed a strong and reputable marketplace presence felt both domestically and internationally.

With an ever increasing market demand for premium oat products, BLM is encouraging local farmers to add oats to their crop rotations.

BLM offers premium prices for milling oats based on global market conditions with a range of flexible oat growing agreements each year.

The modern milling facilities at BLM ensure that we can receive your oats even when they don’t quite meet premium grade.

BLM offer a reliable distribution option for all your milling oats through good years and bad.

Australian oats have a reputation as the best in the world with their bright colour, plump grain size and excellent taste and BLM is striving to promote the future benefits of the global oat industry within our region.

If you are interested in growing milling oats, please contact us to discuss the options for growing agreements or other purchasing options.

Phone: (08) 8752 0111